Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Babai Kedah..

Oh maii..lama rupanya aku tak update blog ni..nk sign in td pn salah password.hahaha.
Ok, aku dh kawen (since it's been a year that I dont update). My MR S pn dh kawen. uhuhu cane la hidup dia skrg..I pity him, too many problems he faced. I hope you are fine there.
Good news, aku dapat pindah balik negeri kesayangan aku setelah 5 tahun mereput di Kedah. Dah 5 kali minta tukar and after kawen terus pooofff dapat pindah..ahaha ajaib kan..idok ler sgt..tgk opsyen jgk..disebabkan opsyen aku Bahsa Inggeris dan hanya lampu ijau kekosongan di 2 negeri sahaja termasuk negeri aku pohon dan alsan2 yg kukuh, alhamdulillah finally aku dpt pindah..yeayy bleh duk terkepit kt ketiak suami je,ahahaha

Dan yang ajaib lg, MR S yg aku admire suatu ketika dahulu berasal dr tempat husband aku keje skang.hoho irony gitew..dan kalo aku dapat masuk daerah tu jgak dan duduk skali dengan husband, kiranya aku duduk kg dia la..tah2 nanti terserempak kt mana2..

Excited sgt dpat pindah ooh lalalala..ok malas dah nk merapu. Lotih mak jemah nk kena siapkan keje banyak x pernah surut.. PT3 pn x abis marking lagi. aaaa tolonggggg!!

Sunday, 21 September 2014


 i was about to give up..
i tried to distance myself from u
but then, things happened the other way..
we become closer and closer now..
Im confused..
confused of your feelings..and your intention..
the moment i stopped hoping, then u gave me hope..again..
y did u give me that song?
were u trying to convey your feelings to me?
i dont get it..and i dont want to ask u..
because im too scared of this word :: 'rejection'
Ya Allah..please guide me..
If he's the one for me, please let me see my way..
If he's not the one, please put him away..

but..why is it so hard to part from him?
could it be...?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Thought that I was having my bad day..

Two days ago, 1st Ramadhan, when everyone was happy welcoming the fasting month, I thought I had a bad day. A lot of things went wrong and the worst wassss *sigh* - my car.
I never imagined my car to crash into a divider and one of the front tyres was about going into a big drain! *ok Faezah, if u happen to read this, breathe in. I'm okay!* I was soooo speechless and had no feeling at that time. It was just a small accident. And it happened just right in front of his house! And I was going to pick him to Sungai Petani (for the first time to use my car). In front of his house was clearance stock sale, and there were a lottt of people. Oh my goodness! Malu kot! but i only realized the malu feeling the next day. hoho.. He was so kind, so caring, so helpful..mcm mna hati tak cair? i stood there helplessly, looking at him and the people to move my car. Oh myyy..if he wasnt there, I don't know what would happen. After my car was 'saved', he came to me and calmed me down..and he asked me to drive home. Just a few seconds after I arrived home (not even a minute) he was already there for me.. to pick me.
seriously..why are you being so nice to meee.. T_T
He brought me to SP, cheered me up, helped me a lot, accompanied me to break our fast..he did a lot..
He sent me home at almost 11 pm.. and at midnight he texted me again, telling me not to worry and think positive..
and the next day he texted me again..
and today, early in the morning he texted me againnn..even he was in the class, and i was in the class too.. asking about me and my car.
Man, why are you so caring? I can't stop my heart from liking u T_T
but after all these things happened, I finally acknowledge the saying 'everything happens for a reason'..and the reason behind my accident is, I'm getting closer to him.
and, I'm taking back my words - that day was not my bad day. It was one of the best days, and the root to grow our relationship. =)

I won't ask for more.. having him by my side is enough for now..thank you Allah :')

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Most Unforgettable Memory :)

I wont forget that wonderful date, 19th June 2014.. it was so meaningful, and i've no regret since then..
Thanks so much for being there for me :)

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rindu lagi..

Kepada insan yang bernama SA..
Sesungguhnya aku rindu..

Thursday, 8 May 2014


It has been a week, since the decision has been made.
Alhamdulillah..all praises to Allah :)
I'm so thankful Allah..a burden had been lifted from my heart, my soul and my heart..syukur alhamdulillah..
I know You heard us..I know You has a better plan for us..

Yes. Allah heard us. I pray hard to get want i want..but, do not forget that not everything we've ever wanted is good for us..sometimes, the things u want the most are the things u are best without..
..but until the last drop of my effort, i'm still hoping for a miracle..
Ya Allah..please grant my wish..ameen.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I Left :(

My lips deny that I miss you..
But deep inside, my heart always misses you..

...and I know, you didn't even think of me..sobs :'(

Oh Allah..
Your love for me is greater than anything else..

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hoping For A Miracle

I am hoping that miracle will happen to me..

I know.
I understand..
But i'm still hoping.

So lets just hoping for a miracle :)

Oh Allah..
please put my heart at ease..

Monday, 21 April 2014


If I have met you earlier..


If I haven't met you at all..

....I dont know what is destined for me..


but now I have met you, maybe too late..

Oh Allah..please put my heart at ease..

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Stop :')

Today's quote :)

"When God removes a person from your life, it means they weren't good for u anymore..so, stop chasing after him.."

Ya Allah..redhakanlah hatiku..
Sesungguhnya, aku hanyalah insanMu yg lemah..